The focus of my team and this project was to create an experience that helps our property owners understand how their property is performing and provide actionable insights on how to improve.
My role
As the Senior Designer on this team, I worked closely with Product Management, Go-to-Market Management, Content, Engineering, Data Science, and User Research to rethink the experience. We began the discovery process with a 3-day design sprint where we established alignment and created excitement across the team for our new vision of what would become the Performance Dashboard. I would spend the next 6 months prototyping, testing, and iterating before landing on a solution we were confident in building.  
Establishing a new vision
We began the 3-day design sprint looking at customer feedback, product data, and competitive analysis to understand the problem and define key areas of focus moving forward. We worked through different exercises to gain alignment and decide what we wanted the new vision of our experience to be. We then sketched ideas and built a prototype to test and validate the direction. 
Design, test, learn and iterate
Over the course of 6 months, working with Product Management and User Research, we continued the process of testing and iterating. At the end of multiple design iterations, user studies, surveys, and meetings with our Client Advisory Board, we gained learnings and insights from over 550 customers.
The results
68% of owners said they liked the product.
70% said they would use this product on a weekly basis.
54% said the product would help them meet their performance goals.

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