The goal for this specific project was to improve the logged-in member experience to make it easier to find and take action on what's most important to our customers.​​​​​​​
My role
I was the Lead Designer on this project, working closely with my Product Management counterpart to discover and define the problem. We looked at user data and feedback and performed an internal audit of the experience. I worked to define a new information architecture that would be the foundation for the experience. Then, creating user flows to pressure test the experience. Finally, I began building out wireframes for testing before the project ultimately got deprioritized. 
Discovery through customer feedback and an audit of the current experience
We knew from listening to customer feedback and an internal audit, the information architecture didn’t align with the mental models of our members and it was time to make a change. The overhaul of our IA would be the foundation to creating a better member experience for our customers.
Building out the user flows
Once the new IA was established, I worked through all of the potential user flows to give us an overview of the product and ensure a seamless experience.
Creating structure and simplicity
Finally, creating high-fidelity wireframes to see just how much we could simplify the UI to ultimately promote easy consumption of content and navigation of the experience. I then started to explore a layer of visual design with a softer, more approachable color palette, typography, and components to better compliment the brand personality.

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